Merry Christmas

Working hard on gifts and Christmas joy. Loving my tree this morning just sitting here admiring the the smell of Christmas.


Our time with Owen while waiting to meet Verity!

We had the honor of going to Seattle to watch our nephew Owen while my sister and her husband were awaiting the arrival via c-section of Verity my new BEAUTIFUL niece!
While we were to go to the hospital Aaron, Owen and I played with trains, watch a dinosaur show, played at the park, and just had lots of fun and laughs.



My mom, Amanda (Verity) and me!

Guest Book
Ari, Steph and Dayla

Wow what an event! All I can say is thank you everyone for your love and support and all your help! I couldn't have done it without family and friends! My mom had NO idea about her party!

Drink Table
Cupcake table
Cupcakes (cats hehe)
The sisters the four D's
Nieces and nephews

Mom and Dad with their first born...My mom

My dad and my nephew Owen!
Amanda and Owen
My Husband Aaron


Alot of catching up to do....

So starting from most recent events....It has been so long since I have posted what really has been going on and what really is important so here I go....
Scroll down :)

The Dogs



Oh how you have grown little man! You are doing so well with your words I can't believe it! It is always such a joy to see you and your mother and father! I love you very much! Happy Birthday day!


Uncle Aaron and Peanuts


Happy Mothers Day!

Mother- Oh How I have been blessed with such a great mother. A woman of God and morals that were graciously passed down to my sister and I. How I love and admire your love and your daily devotion to following our Savior Jesus Christ. You are an amazing Lady I must say, daily you remind me of God and trusting in him and his love for us and our families. Your daily prayers have have been answered on a numerous account. How God has blessed Amanda and I with such a great Leader in Christ Our Mother Denise Coleburn! I am so excited for my children (one day) to have a grandmother like you to teach them what is really important in life! I love you Mom thank you for showing us the ways of life and how to love like God love the church. (Oh how you have been blessed with Cute, Amazing, Wonderful Children like us! :) )

Amanda- I love you very much and I am very proud of you! God has truly blessed me with you a sister like you! You have had such great success in life, great husband, great child, a new one on the way, good home, good job, great sister :)! God has blessed you with many gifts! I admire your outlooks and accomplishments! You are a great mother, wife, sister and friend. You have given me MANY words of wisdom through my tough times and have had nothing but open arms to help with with life challenges. Thank you for being there for me my beautiful sister! I love you Amanda! Happy Mothers Day!

Mother Carr- Thank you so much for accepting me as one of your own. These last 6 years you have taken me under your wing as one of your own. I am so blessed to have a mother in law that loves me, laughs with me, and cares for me. You are truly admired by many and I am proud to be able to call you Mom. Happy Mothers Day! Love ya!

I am so very proud of you and how you have handled your life challenges with becoming a mother. You are such a good mother for Izzy and have made MANY sacrifices in life to put her life before yours. Even though there are many tired days and nights you come home with a smile on your face and love for Izzy that only true mothers can pull off. You show that beautiful girl happiness and are teaching her life lessons daily. You never bring in your everyday life struggles into her sight. You are a strong lady my friend I am very happy to have a sister in law such as yourself!

Happy first Mothers Day! (and anniversary) Thank you so much for being such a great friend to me! I love you very much and I am so happy to have You, Pete and Arreah in my life. Aaron and I are very proud of you for bring a beautiful little girl into this world! You are doing so good in balancing your everyday rolls in life wife, mother and friend. Thank you for being there! You and your family mean so much to us! Happy Mothers Day!

POND IS ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alittle more rock stacking and we will be done!!!!

Hummers already making themselves at home!!

This is just one of many projects needing to be done before our front yard is complete!!!! And I am sooooooo excited!

First Hummers of the Season

I love taking photos....Here are the first hummers of the year!!!!