Beginning of birth Plan

People Allowed in Room During Delivery:
Aaron Carr ( Husband)
Denise Coleburn (Mother)
Amanda Stewart (Sister)
Jenny Erickson (Best Friend)
No exceptions!

Pre Labor/Labor
No IV! Being able to move around, use the rocking chair, birthing ball, jetted tub or shower, and walk during labor if safe.
Setting the environment with low lights, music. No TV watching durning hard labor, doors to hallways closed if in unable to be mobile.

Refer to doctor, natural ways first stripping membrane or oral drugs okay. Pitocin last resort.

Birth Plan
Would prefer a natural delivery with no IV/drug given. Depending on pain and tolerance not opposed to epidural or pain management if I feel necessary.

Would like a blank over legs durning delivery and push do not want to see anything.

Once baby is born would like doctor to show us baby, cut umbilical and have baby cleaned up, shots given, babies health checked and okayed before giving us baby.
After baby is cleaned up and I am cleaned up we would like the like the new grandparents and aunts/ uncles of there new grandson / nephew to be the first to see and have some time alone with baby. After that no restriction but family first.

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